I have been mulling over for sometime, what I would like to share with others about my experiences with Tatiana and the readings I have received.I appreciate the prayer at the beginning of each session which sets the intention, the tone.

Each reading is very unique as it should be, for energy is a constant. I find that the information I receive is very accurate and also stimulates me to look forward to seeing how things unfold. I also receive a lot of food for thought for I also know that free will is also a constant. I am very grateful to Tatiana and the guidance that has come forward over the years.

May she continue to be the perfect vessel. 



Thanks Tatiana, not only are you extremely insightful, but you are amazingly comforting and empowering advisor. I was impressed with how quickly you were able to sum up my situation and give me clear guidance steps for future progress. I know I should call you more often for guidance.Thank you Tatiana, for your heartfelt guidance. Your sweet, supportive manner was so soothing to my soul.


The reading was so helpful and accurate! Thanks so much!


An amazing intuitive event Tatiana had at the Angel Attic. She has such a warm, welcoming presence that encourages you to trust your intuition and discover your personal magic that each and every one of us has. She is super down to earth and easy to talk to. I am so thankful that our path crossed as I move forward on this spiritual journey. Marci


Tatiana Scavnicky's approach was warm, empathic, and skillful. Everything she conveyed to me was spot-on, and covered true advice from spiritual well-being, to caring for my natural body. ~ AQuil D.


My reading with Tatiana was not only encouraging but it had the effect of uplifting my bigger picture view of where a pivotal occurrence happened in childhood that has clouded my existence many times. The spiritual guidance brought through Tatiana validated the little 9 year old girl who took on what was not hers to take on. * Rescuing *. Desperately trying to bring truth into falsehoods, hidden agendas or lies. Tatiana's reading has also put into process a human experience of an almost exact recurrence of that 9 year old. YIKES! The reading and heaven opened the door gave me guidance (through a swift kick in the head) when I began to repeat the OLD, damaging behaviors with another human. (and was able to stop before it went too far). I didn't dance through this gracefully first time, but dance steps improve with practice. Thank you heaven for dear Tatiana's gifts and may those gifts be multiplied back many times to her and others. Brenda Pennington


Just had my 2017 6 month forecast done by Tatiana.  If it is anything like what she put together for my 2016 forecast I know just to strap in and enjoy the ride.  Looking back on my 2016 reading, it was filled with amazing accuracy. As a Metaphysical Practitioner, Tatiana is my go to girl whenever I am in need of clarity. I value her for intuition and insight. I may not always like what I hear though it is delivered compassionately with a dose of tough love.  Do yourself a favor and book your 2017 6 month forecast today!
Linda Crose-Andersen
Author, Realtor, Angel Practitioner 

Tatiana is a wonderful person to go to for guidance and readings!! She is so kind, compassionate and insightful!! I love getting readings from her because they always help me enormously, especially with closure as that is something that comes up to test me at times in my life, so I am so grateful for her contribution in my life and I highly recommend her for a reading or guidance in anyone's life...

Thank you!! ~Luiza D


Tatiana, your reading in Bimini has helped me a lot with my confidence and sense of direction. I even had two new clients "waiting" for me when I got home :-) Mirjam


Thank you for such a wonderful reading. your warmth, generous spirit, and strong angelic connection was exactly what moved the old energy and helped raise the energy level. I will take your words with me as I move forward. You are amazing!


Tatiana was amazing! She knew things she had no way of knowing, connected so well and was very sweet, clear and made me feel so uplifted long after the reading was over.

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