Personalized Guided Meditation or Mantra/Music with Tatiana ~Music by Mark Watson
  • Personalized Guided Meditation or Mantra/Music with Tatiana ~Music by Mark Watson
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How wonderful would it be to have a guided Personalized Meditation or Mantra Music embedded with your name and infused with your intentions?!

Together we will put together what you would like to create. Mantra music will have your desired affirmations or statements of intention in the music. These are amazing and can be used for creating lifestyle changes, career goals and personal goals, to having a positive outlook. The choice is yours!

Having your name embedded into music or a guided personalized meditation greatly intensifies the potential for healing and manifestation power.

Possibilities to choose from for your special and unique Personalized Meditation are listed below!

-A customized healing meditation

-A meditation to work with after an intuitive reading to support you in what you are up to and what you want to create for your life now.

-A confidence building meditation for a job interview or simply to feel more empowered.

-A manifesting or releasing meditation.

-A simple affirmation/mantra mix for you to listen to and absorb over music.

-A creativity-opening meditation.

-A third-eye intuition activation.

-A forgiveness meditation.

-A vitality and well-being session.

Working with mantra music and meditation can shift your vibration and open the flow to what you want to have in your life.

I will contact you as soon as possible. Your Personalized Healing Meditation or Mantra/Music will be delivered within 2-3 weeks.

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A 60 minute intuitive reading and personalized meditation tailored to your exact needs at the time of your reading.

Getting a session and personalized meditation together is a huge support to help you through your current issues! It's tailored to your exact needs at the time of your reading. You can work with it everyday to support your needs and feel better.

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Personalized Meditations

At 19 I found a guided meditation tape at a metaphysical bookstore. I could not put it down. It was calling me. Have you ever had that feeling? Or been in a bookstore and a book literally falls off the shelf and you are mesmerized by it? At that time I was singing 5-6 nights a week, hoping to have 2 nights to rest and rest my voice. Being a singer is a lot like being an athlete and a yogini, you must vocalize and work-out your body to keep up the pace and stay healthy and keep your cords in shape. I'd get home from the gig at about 3 am and meditate for an hour and calm down. I didn't keep this up for very long but during meditation, I'd get these hits that someday I'd be doing my own meditations for others and singing for something bigger.

I'd meditate sporadically but I wasn't committed or aware then of the amazing and life-altering benefits of having a meditation practice. But after I got my Angel Therapy Practitioner® training and certification, meditation just fit right into my life like I'd been doing it forever.  I  finally had a daily practice. I meditated to music. As a musician and singer-songwriter I'm picky about what I listen to and use for meditation. Using Mark's AngelEarth Meditation Music elevated the experience to a whole other level. I went on to get my Advanced Angel Therapy Training®, certified Medium®, Past Life Regressionist® and Hypnotherapist® certifications and could no longer ignore the messages I'd gotten so long ago, to sing for something bigger and create meditations to help heal others. 

I am a completely different person today because I discovered meditation. I use meditation for Everything including health, well-being, manifestation, transformation and on tour. I now create personal meditations for your needs. I know they work and will impact your life! Combining a Personal Meditation with an Intuitive Reading will create epic shifts.

Now you can have your very own Personalized Guided Meditation infused with your Intention. Here are some ideas to get you started.
Energy Clearing Meditation
Customized Healing Meditation
Meditation to work with after an Intuitive Reading to support healing and the removal of blocks.
Confidence Building Meditation for personal and career empowerment.
Meditation to support chakra healing work
Manifesting or Releasing Meditation 
Affirmation/Mantra mix for you to listen and absorb your intentions and goals.
Creativity-opening Meditation
Third-eye Intuition Activation
Vitality and Well-being Session

It's totally up to you! The possibilities are endless and they are personal to you and what you need!

Mark Watson of AngelEarth and I collaborate to provide the music for your special guided meditation session. The process begins with a phone, Facebook chat or skype call. I'll intuitively tune into what is needed for you and your meditation and get the focus, needs and direction you desire.

I know you will love and greatly benefit from a personal meditation tailored to your exact needs and I will love personally creating it for you. 

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.