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What people are saying about Tatiana's meditations...

Tatiana, thank you so much for sending me your new meditation "Bountiful Blessings". I had instant relief after listening to it for the first time. So much so that I have listened to it every night since. The vocals, music, and intention are perfect! I especially loved the music. It is so relaxing, yet motivating. I highly recommend this meditation! Linda Crose-Andersen Author, Amazing Grace: A Spiritual Journey from Addiction to Enlightenment

"This was def a powerful & very healing meditation. I felt such a release of the burden/sorrow lift that had become such a part of journey has been so challenged for the past few years. I have a renewed strength now to keep going forward. I slept so peacefully. Thank You so much for doing this and I thank God/Angels for guiding me to you. Love & Blessings, Anna...xo"

I have been using Tatiana's Atlantean Healing Bed Meditation each night and have found that I have started sleeping better. I have found that it is a beautiful way to clear my energy of the day and relax. I have also used Tatiana's Beach Meditation during the day when and have loved that. I felt like I was at the beach. I recommend Tatiana's meditations to everyone. Jacqui Grant ~ Break Free Consultancy & Author of Break Free.

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Healing Meditations


Raise Your Vibration: A 40 HIGH VIBE minute energy cleanse. A deep dive into the Ever-Alive Divine Light within you. Activating this light can accelerate your manifestation power and amplify love, light and healing.




The Atlanteans had healing crystal beds powered by the sun. These beds facilitated healing needed in the body by using the power of crystals aimed at the seven main energy centers of the body. Are you feeling overwhelmed, drained or tired? Through guided meditation, and Lakshmi Meditation Music from Mark Watson's Goddess Series, Tatiana's soothing voice will take you though this ancient healing practice to restore, rejuvenate and refresh.






Releasing Meditations


"Hanging on to anger and resentment is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die." ~Buddha Without forgiveness we can't heal and grow. Being stuck in the past keeps us from abundance, love, success and happiness. Don't wait...