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Capricorn Full Moon Sun in Cancer Lunar Eclipse Oracle Card Reading

Tuesday July 16th 2019

Your Destiny, Fate and Severing Karmic Ties

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Cancer New Moon ~ Total Solar Eclipse Gateway

 Oracle Card Reading + Meditation Ritual

Tuesday July 2nd

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Haight Ashbury Show Friday July 19th 8:30 PM

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Tap + Barrel Shelby Township MI




July Full Moon Lunar Eclipse ~ Intuitive Readings Gallery Event

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Gather together in an intimate and lovely space, and experience getting a personal reading Gallery Style with Psychic-Intuitive Tatiana on the night of the Lunar Eclipse just before the Full Moon. Not only do you get guidance for yourself and confirmation for current issues going on your life, but you'll get so much out of hearing everyone else's reading. 

This event has limited seating of 12 and will fill up quickly. Everyone gets a reading at this intimate event.

$44 Advanced Reservations  $45 Door   Sold Out 



Gemini New Moon Oracle Card Reading

Monday June 3rd

6 PM ET      4 PM MT     3 PM PT

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If I Could Turn Back Time

Article Body Mind Spirit Guide Magazine

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Scorpio Full Moon 🌕 Blue Moon Oracle Card Reading 

Cosmic Clearing Ritual 

Breaking  ALL Ancestral + Karmic Ties and Releasing ALL Emotional Baggage

Saturday May 18th

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Small Steps Create Huge Change Fast!

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Dealing With Anxiety

Why Practicing Self Love + Compassion Is So Important For Women

As women we often feel the pressure to handle things and make it all come together in the end. Yes we are magical but sometimes we use our magic for everyone else, anticipating and stretching ourselves way too thin. I share a very personal experience about my experience with generalized anxiety disorders and a health screening test, and how this experience has made me see even more, that we are our most precious resource. May we make ourselves top priority as well!! 






Join the MYSTIC SISTERHOOD!! You're Invited!  



This is a high-vibration sacred circle for magically minded ladies and soul sistahs to gather. Enjoy weekly hangouts, free live oracle card readings, mini-classes on intuition and all things mystical and magical, inspiring content and so much more! This has been a dream of mine in the making. Picture us, moon high, around the fire together. A group of spiritual, mystical, gifted, magical babes and goddesses!! 

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Thank you so much for having the gathering last night Tatiana! From the moment I walked in, I felt safe and knew this was a place that I could open up and share what I was going through. You were sincere, caring and delivered your messages with honesty, compassion and humor!  Thank you also for sharing your own stories of your childhood and your own personal journey...You are one strong person! So, last night I did the "What if" exercise and also envisioned my daughter coming back home, that we would be able to get back on track, forgive and move forward. Well, today she did come home....but it did not go well. So tonight i will again ask Archangel Michael to protect her and pray for her to be happy in body, mind and spirit and success in all areas of her life.  I will keep working on my moving forward and letting go of the negative. Thank you again Tatiana for being the warrior that you are! Thank you for sending the Archangel Michael prayer too.  ~ Beth


"Did the group reading last night with Tatiana, very intense and very enlightening. I would highly recommend that anyone who is trying to come to any decision or really reach deep inside to find out what they need to do should really come to a reading with her." ~ Laura B.


"I wanted to let you know what an awesome experience I had at your recent Sacred Cacao Ritual and Intuition event at the Angel Attic!  I have always known that I was an intuitive person, but never really developed my gift.  Over my lifetime, I kept this part of myself hidden and closed off.  Being with you for this event, and other classes you have held, has allowed me to open and embrace this wonderful gift that I have been blessed with.  I feel an awakening inside me...and it's amazing!  I know there is much more to unfold and discover, and I thank you for helping me on my journey! You are an angel on earth! Bless you!?????? Beth Evans


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