I can help you understand what is going on when you hit those twists and turns in the road and give you the guidance you need to move forward and get back on track. Seeing issues and challenges in a different light gives the perspective you need to make things work for you and not against you. I can help you get your power back. Reach out to me if you have any questions or are interested in scheduling a private session. 

Tatiana Scavnicky is Spiritual Teacher, Psychic-Intuitive & Motivational Coach. Gifted since childhood, her intuitive abilities enable her to connect with her Spirit Guides and the Angelic and Goddess realms, to give clear and accurate information for Relationship and Personal issues, Support and Guidance through Setbacks, and Life Purpose and Career Challenges.




Mrs. Blue Album
Obsidian Album
I Will Album
When You Love A Woman Single

Lakshmi Bountiful Blessings
Crystal Cave Rhiannon Manifestation Create
Beach Getaway Meditation w/ Binaural Nature Frequency
Affirmations from the Magical Garden 
Mother Healing Meditation
Divine Breath w/ Dave & Pat Krajovic
Kuan Yin Forgiveness & Releasing Meditation
Atlantean Healing Bed Chakra Meditation
Dolphin Cove Healing & Justice Meditation
Sunshine Power & Confidence Meditation

Crazy Wisdom Journal
Faeries and Angels Magazine
Body Mind Spirit Guide
Fae Magazine
The Magical Times


About Tatiana
Tatiana is a spiritual teacher, intuitive reader & coach giving guidance and support through setbacks, relationship issues, career challenges, and dark nights of the soul. She is passionate about helping people move forward to overcome their fears, ditch procrastination, and do what they love. Helping entrepreneurs create book titles and business ideas to become published authors, radio-personalities, oracle card creators, and songwriters.

A singer-songwriter and creator of music and healing meditations. She's passionate for Women's Rising, for helping people move forward and overcome their fears, and ditch procrastination and do what they love @ www.tatianascavnicky.com @magicalanduncensored

Her intuitive readings, music and meditations bring high vibration healing to audiences. She is a singer-songwriter and musician who toured the world with Mark Watson creator of AngelEarthMusic She creates Meditations, writes songs for others, and has released three albums.