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ark & Tatiana's intention is to create healing, joy and celebration with their music, a combination of rock, world beat, mystical and pop. Tatiana & Mark were members of the Obsidian band, with Doreen Virtue, Hay House's Angel Author. Tatiana has been called the Stevie Nicks of the Spiritual Stage and has performed her original music for goddess events in Canada, Hawaii, US, UK & Europe. Mark travels the globe spreading the message of love and light through his music and has created a catalog of internationally known archangel, goddess and wave meditation music that can be found on Debbie Ford and Doreen Virtue's Meditation Cd's. Upon meeting, this duo instantly connected through their love of music and healing.
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Mark & Tatiana's Set List

Tin Man      
Mrs. Blue
Sunday Afternoon
Believe in Yourself
I Will
Let You Get Away With Everything
I Alone
Train Outta Town

Mark Watson
Joy Boulevard
Angel at the Door
Johnny's Been Away
Angel of Love
Dancin on Mountain
Song of a New Country
Children of the Sun
Find That Place
Secret's Out
August Moon
Secrets Out
We Spin Round
Helping Hands

Meditation Music
Beginning You
Love Letter
Archangel Uriel
Archangel Zadkiel
Archangel Metatron
Archangel Gabriel
Evening Candles

Dreams            Cranberries
Gold Dust Woman         Stevie Nicks
Don't Stop           Fleetwood Mac
Come Together           Beatles
Across the Universe
Time After Time           Cyndi Lauper
My Love is Alive            Gary Wright


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  1. 1 Air Fire Water Earth 01:18 Lyrics
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  2. 2 I Will 05:55
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  3. 3 Oceans 03:20
  4. 4 Inanna 03:44
  5. 5 Believe In Yourself 01:27
  6. 6 Angel 01:14
  7. 7 Beginning You 03:52
  8. 8 Find That Place 03:28
  9. 9 Ixchel 03:34
  10. 10 Joy Boulevard 02:37
  11. 11 Aine Queen of the Fairy Kingdom 12:30
  12. 12 Sekhmet 03:26
  13. 13 Angel of Love 02:44
  14. 14 Angel At The Door 02:35
  15. 15 Love Letter 03:52
  16. 16 We Spin Round 03:23
Livonia Michigan Unity 2014

AngelEarth & Tatiana Garden Theater Detroit 2014

Gallactic Illumination Concert & Retreat Enchantments Resort
Sedona Arizona 2012

Lily Dale 2007

Omega Institute 2007

Angel Intuitive Certification 2008-2011 Coolum Queensland Australia

Engel Congress 2010 & 2011 Hamburg

Celebrate Your Life 2010 & 2011 Scottsdale & Phoenix Arizona

Waikoloa, HI LavaMan 2010

Beltaine Festival Glastonbury 2011

Playing For Change International Benefit ~ Creating Change Through Music & Arts Education 2011

Aloha Center Kona, HI 2010 & 2011

Angel Therapy Practioner 2009-2012 Hawaii

Angel Certification Program: Osterssund, Budapest & Montreal

Kripalu August 2011

Hay House I Can Do It: Las Vegas,  London, Vancouver & Toronto

Soul Connection Tour 2012: Zurich, Hamburg, Bucharest & Romania

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