We all have a story


As far back as I can remember I felt different. I felt a huge "other" presence guiding me.

It's the core of my obsession that we are connected to "forces of nature" and "forces of good".

As a young child I saw spirits, angels and deceased loved ones. I didn't get until much later I was super empathic to other people's energy and extremely sensitive.

My sensitivity and upbringing have made me a great intuitive psychic and coach.

In 4th grade my creative writing assignment was chosen as the best poem in the class. My teacher read it in front of everyone. I was so proud. I don't have that poem anymore, but remember it was very magical. I talked about the moon and stars in it. It was a little seed of my future song writing and blogging. 

I grew up thinking I didn't matter. I hurt on the inside and didn't know why. I soon became a rebel with a cause, defying an abusive childhood. I left at 17 knowing I had a purpose. I was troubled and reckless. The one thing I could do well was sing. I sang other people's music in a top-40 rock band 5-6 nights a week. Very quickly, I had my own band and that is how I met my musical soul mate Mark Watson of AngelEarthMusic

I soon got that I just knew things about people even before I did any sort of training. I was very uncomfortable in groups of people because my intuitive gift of empathy/super sensitivity was my default setting. Singing took me to a more protected and safe place. Through intense intuitive Angel Therapy training, I learned how to be in a room with others in a healthy way, and shift out of a super-sensitive intuitive state. I learned to focus my intuitive gifts and fulfill my mission to start helping people at very deep levels.


Your dreams are TOTALLY doable.


I am obsessed with the idea that something magical and way bigger than we are is ALWAYS guiding us, helping us live out fulfilling and inspired lives. I manifested going on tour. I journaled about it, and pictured it in meditation. I played music from my Mrs. Blue & Obsidian Cd's around the globe for some of the best audiences.

I LOVE all things boho-hippy! And I'm passionate about animals and their welfare. I get lost in thinking about what I'll wear for an event and obsess over putting on a great show. I believe you never stop growing. 

I am an Aquarius Moon ~ Virgo Sun ~ Gemini Rising ~ making me triple-ruled by Mercury and my Mercury is in Leo. I'm compelled to write songs and words. 

Every morning during my Magical Morning Practice I meditate with a cup of coffee (must-have) in extreme gratitude for being able to muse, write, sing, create, and guide and help others do more of what they love, get back on track and have a magical life.