Pisces Full Moon
Lunar Eclipse 
Friday September 16th 2016


A Virgo New Moon Solar Eclipse on September 1st began a restructuring from the outside in through our daily regimens and habits. We saw what was working and what was keeping us from budding out. Pisces now works with the healer planet Chiron on a deeply emotional level to clear away psychic blocks, fear and the emotional sh**t. Get your oracle reading HERE 


How To Do A Star  Spread Reading

Welcome to Psychic School! Grab your favorite deck. Any deck will do such as angel cards, mermaid cards or tarot cards.
Pick the deck you are drawn to. Say a prayer and get ready to begin!

Violet Flame Energy Magic
How To Feel Better Instantly With The Violet Flame

I don't know about you but I've been feeling so sensitive! The energy has been heavy. If you are extremely sensitive like me you are most likely clairsentient which means "clear-feeling". You may have felt an extra blast of intensity. It's time to shield and clear your energy. The violet flame is a universal purifying technique used for exactly this kind of cosmic-energy fog. Check out my free Ignite Your Intuition ~ Superpower Series to see if you are clairsentient and how to manage being empathic.

(Amethyst is from Kona Rock & Mineral crystal shop)

How To Be Your Own Psychic
5 Ways to Unleash the Guru Within 

If you've ever had that feeling in your gut about someone and were right, you are psychic.
Noticing repetitive number sequences or dreaming prophetic dreams can mean you are highly clairvoyant. Feeling your way through things is a mark of an empath or clairsentient. 
Here are some ways to turn on you inner guru HERE

Time To Say "YES" 

Make a list of your deepest desires and passions. What do you really want for your life? What do you crave?
Check out why it's so important to go after feeling good

Starts Wednesday September 21st  

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★ 2016 
Your Year Ahead ~ Forecast
See what the rest year has in store for you!
2016 is a number 9 year of completion.
Time to lose what no longer supports and serves you. Believe in yourself and the radiant life-altering energy of this year.
 A 75 Minute in-depth session with me for the rest of the year. It includes a summary of your 2016 Current Main Themes, your Monthly Breakdown and a picture of your Card Spread as well as tips and techniques to support you throughout the rest of the year. Book HERE
Feel free to contact me about scheduling a session. 


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Prosperity Meditation
Lakshmi's Bountiful Blessings 
A Free Fall of Abundant
Blessings & Good Energy for Prosperity
Start The Flow Now

Healing Meditation



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 Synchronicity Coincidence & Practical Magic 
Here is proof that we are not separate from the mystical and divine forces around us, and how we can use them to create happy lives full of magic! Read HERE 

What to do When You Feel Like You've Lost Your Way RGTatianaTv

We all have those moments when we feel like we have no where to turn. The rough patches can bring us down and make us feel like we are stuck and super lost. Follow the steps I give you to bring yourself back to life, feel better & receive a solution.The song playing is called "Soul Soul Soul". Out of a really difficult time, this song was born.
You can get your copy HERE


Singer/Songwriter~Intuitive Reader~Dream Maker
Music, Meditations and Intuitive Readings to Empower and make your dream life...doing what you love real. You were born beautiful, talented, with uniquely-you gifts and superpowers. It's my mission to help you ditch the past, activate your superpowers, live large and give you the tools and the soundtrack to build your dreams.

Music with a Message
You have special gifts given to you from the powers-that-be. Picture a beautiful, glowing diamond white light within your heart. Absolutely nothing...Nothing that has happened to you, can diminish your gifts or keep your light from shining! 


"Can I say you look real good and you're kickin it like you should. Don't let em tell you who you are. Hey baby you're a superstar!"  
 "Believe In Yourself" ~Yours Truly

"Don't you know that the stars, they shine for you. They shine for ya. Lingering like jewels in a crown. Thought I was lost but now I'm found."  "Break Free" ~ Yours Truly